MethaneScan® 100​

Targeting the oil and gas industry’s methane emitters

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Methane emission intensity ratings for 100 of the largest publicly-listed oil and gas producers worldwide

Methane is by far the most potent greenhouse gas. Stopping methane leaks represents the most impactful action we can take this decade to avert catastrophic climate change. Deploying live satellite data analytics, MethaneScan® detects elevated methane emissions at the wellhead level and attributes them in aggregate to asset owners.

Beyond Carbon

Oil and gas operations are the largest source of methane emissions from the energy sector. FFI Solutions has partnered with Geofinancial Analytics to provide institutional investors and their asset managers a new tool for assessing and comparing methane emissions of oil and gas companies.

MethaneScan delivers company-level Methane Leak Ratings that reveal elevated levels of risk including liability for erroneous disclosures and greenwashing. The ratings enable institutional investors, asset managers, fund managers, and consultants to better manage risk, inform portfolio and index construction, and align with climate targets.

Research & Monitor

Integrate MethaneScan indicators into decarbonization, net zero, and ESG scoring frameworks on fossil fuels.

Engage & Advocate

Engage companies on better management and disclosure of methane emissions in their operations.

Screen & Divest

Enhance standard Carbon Underground 200 screens with MethaneScan emission intensity scores.

Leaders and Laggards Indicators

MethaneScan® Lite rates the top global energy producers on the single most material environmental performance metric – methane emission intensity. The service delivers methane leak ratings and 12 month trend indicators. MethaneScan® Lite features normalized scores with letter rankings for easy peer-to-peer comparisons.

The Carbon Underground 200TM
Top 5 U.S. Oil & Gas Reserves Embedded Emissions
Intensity Rating
1 Year
Q1 2023
Gt CO2
EOG ResourcesBB+12.5%211.5330.6%69.4%

MethaneScan data as of September 30, 2022


  • Data from over 6 million onshore wellheads for North America, Brazil, Australia and Europe
  • Top 100 upstream E&P companies (by market cap) in the Russell 3000 and S&P Global Platts


  • Satellite observed methane emissions intensity by company
  • 12-month change in observed emissions (Trend %)
  • Uncertainty quantification


  • Annual constituent updates
  • Quarterly reference data and corporate action updates
  • History starting in 2018


  • Operational flat files or Excel
  • Optional Carbon Underground files integration
  • FTP / SFTP / Email

Advanced Methane Analytics and Engagement Advisory

Need more in-depth and timely data? Looking for customized methane engagement and screening tools?

Largest Reporting Gaps Among the Top U.S. Producers

Data as of September 30, 2022

Comparing company-reported methane intensity to direct satellite observations, the resulting Reporting Gap is a key measure of a company’s performance and transparency on the critical issue of methane management.

Contact us to learn about enhanced methane data and analysis including:

  • Observed versus Reported methane emissions intensity by company
  • Detailed reporting gap and trend analysis
  • Monthly updates
  • Targeted company / basin-level data
  • Custom portfolio and investment product methane analysis
  • Co-branded Index and fund development

MethaneScan® 100 Lite is delivered in partnership with Geofinancial Analytics.

Geofinancial Analytics is a science-driven data provider whose civic mission is to accelerate the clean energy transition by informing decisions and business practices with transparent, objective facts using advanced geospatial technology.