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Informed oil and gas investing decisions for the energy transition

The transition to a clean energy economy is one of the most important considerations in making oil and gas investing decisions. Some fossil fuel companies have started to develop and implement transition plans while others have been more reactive or simply maintained the status quo.

Challenges in assessing oil and gas company transition include:

  • Lack of transparency by some companies, making it hard to evaluate commitments and measure progress
  • Existing third-party ratings being inherently subjective and insufficient in assessing transition activities
  • No frameworks to customize evaluation criteria for specific investor beliefs and policies

How We Help Investors

Institutional investors are taking stock of energy companies’ transition activities and considering non-binary approaches to addressing fossil fuel exposure in their portfolios.

Our Transition Intelligence platform provides investors and asset managers with reliable data and insights about The Carbon Underground oil and gas company transitions — all in a single place — to help you better evaluate companies based on your unique investment, divestment, and shareholder engagement needs.

The platform enables you to make informed decisions that reflect your institution’s unique view on the nature and pace of the energy transition and what constitutes the “right” transition strategy.

Asset Owners

  • Develop fossil fuel specific investment policies
  • Customize divestment or dissociation screens
  • Support third-party manager due diligence
  • Engage with external managers
  • Identify opportunities for shareholder engagement.

Asset Managers & Wealth Advisors

  • Support fundamental oil & gas company research
  • Identify transition risks and opportunities
  • Track transition activity against financial performance
  • Develop transition-focused investment products
  • Inform proxy voting

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Energy in Transition: A Framework for Evaluating Strategies and Actions of Oil & Gas Companies

User-Defined Transition Intelligence Analytics

The Transition Intelligence platform offers interactive, cloud-based data, metrics and analytics on 100 of the largest global publicly traded oil and gas reserve owners. Through a  flexible and easy-to-use interface, investors can customize evaluations based on their unique beliefs and operational needs.

Select the metrics on how companies are evaluated and ranked
Customize peer groups across an array of categories
Compare the transition performance of selected companies
Save custom views with selected settings and portfolio holdings
Set alerts for company updates and changes in key metrics
Export charts and underlying data for presentations and further analysis

Transparent Data-Driven Transition Intelligence Metrics

Select from more than 10 key metrics and more than 50 data fields covering climate commitments, emissions, operations, clean investments and assets.

Net Zero

Fossil Fuel Production and Reserve Trends

Membership in Sustainability Initiatives

Fossil Fuel and Power Capex Trends

M&A Activity and Renewable Investment

Carbon Capture and Direct Air Capture Projects

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All-In-One Transition Analytics Platform

With over a decade of fossil fuel company research, carbon analytics and investment portfolio screening, FFI Solutions is uniquely positioned to help investors efficiently navigate the complexities of the energy transition.

Comprehensive Data & User-Defined Metrics

Our SaaS platform is continually updated with new content and features to address the dynamics of the energy transition.

Product Specialist Training and Support

Subscriptions include on-boarding new users, ongoing support, and training by product experts.

Bundled Access to Energy Market Consultants

Our team of market experts and investment professionals is ready to engage with investors on their unique requirements.