FFI Solutions is a research and analytics-driven advisory firm that empowers investors and asset managers to transition to more sustainable investments.

Our solutions provide asset owners, investment advisors and asset managers with the insights and clarity needed to efficiently achieve net zero, ESG, impact, and performance investing objectives.

Research and

Our research and screening solutions help investors efficiently assess and manage climate-related investment risks. From avoiding exposure to fossil fuels through The Carbon Underground 200 TM to tailored transition-ready inclusions, we provide the resources and a roadmap for achieving your responsible and net zero investing objectives.

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Portfolio Carbon

Our suite of on-demand carbon diagnostics is the starting point for gaining portfolio insights and developing a net zero investment strategy. Our reports and backtesting tools provide quick and cost-effective ways to understand carbon exposure, identify stranded asset risk and quantify the impact of divesting.

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ESG & Impact

We leverage our expertise and technology to help clients explore, evaluate, and transition to more sustainable portfolios. Our analytics platform with world class data including ESG metrics, proprietary factors and portfolio construction algorithms provide a what-if scenario sandbox to clarify your transition objectives, test your ideas and make decisions toward a sustainable portfolio aligned with your objectives.

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Index and
Product Design

Leveraging our research, data, and technology, we design sustainable indexes and benchmarks for investors and asset managers. Our collaborative approach ensures an efficient and effective process. We deploy pioneering rules-based index construction designed to generate meaningful returns while aligning with stakeholder investing principles.

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Assess carbon exposure and ESG risks in your portfolios.

Analyze your holdings for overlap with The Carbon Underground 200TM. See the level of financed emissions in your portfolio. Uncover ESG controversies and start transitioning your holdings.

Our Flagship Products

The Carbon Underground 200TM

Mitigate carbon risk in portfolios and construct net zero fund products by screening out the top fossil fuel companies ranked by the carbon emissions embedded in their reserves.

Net Zero Transition DataSet

Make fossil-fuel investment, divestment, or shareholder engagement decisions by evaluating how companies are positioned for the transition to a low-carbon, net zero economy.

FFI Energy Transition US Index

Capture the potential upside of the transition to a low-carbon economy through this rules-based net zero index that is long clean energy companies and short fossil fuel reserve owners.

Perspectives and Media

Latest Blogs

  • Exxon Announcement Likely to Increase Scrutiny on Net Zero Ambitions

    Exxon. The mere mention of the name elicits opposite emotions. There are those who believe that fossil fuels are a necessity for future economic prosperity, and those who believe that they need to stay in the ground. Last week, the company announced a net zero ambition[1] that was quickly panned by those who are working

    January 27, 2022
  • Net Zero: Great Unifier and Energy Transition Facilitator

    For years, asset owners have been divided on the most effective decarbonization strategy: some have favored shareholder engagement, while others have opted for fossil fuel divestment. Indeed, we at FFI Solutions have felt this division since 2014, when activists adopted our Carbon Underground 200 (CU200) exclusionary screen as a standard for being fossil free. For

    December 15, 2021

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