FFI Solutions is a climate-focused research, analytics and advisory firm that delivers custom solutions to facilitate energy transition, ESG, and Net Zero investment strategies.

Our energy transition solutions enable asset owners, advisors and asset managers to deploy the investment, divestment, and engagement approaches that meet their unique objectives and constraints.

Screening Solutions

Our in-depth Carbon Underground data, research and screening solutions provide critical inputs for investors and a foundation for developing energy transition investment products and broader ESG integration approaches. We offer investment operations expertise and turnkey screening services that enable targeted implementation of fossil fuel free mandates, climate-aligned portfolios and sustainable purpose-driven strategies. Our custom research services offer targeted engagement and divestment solutions.

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Carbon Analytics

We offer a suite of carbon analytics solutions for helping investors to pursue their decarbonization and energy transition objectives. Our Transition Intelligence platform enables investors to assess fossil fuel companies based on their climate commitments, emissions, operations, and investments. Our carbon footprinting services provide portfolio analyses to support setting emissions targets, assessing risks, measuring impact and reporting progress to stakeholders.

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Consulting & Advisory

Our consulting and advisory services help institutional investors through the complex task of integrating climate change considerations into investment policies and strategies. FFI Solutions consultants have extensive hands-on experience as investment managers and consultants. We leverage this expertise, along with our research and analytic tools, to advise clients on pragmatic ways to align energy transition and net zero investment strategies with their specific beliefs, ambitions, and operating constraints.

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We leverage our investment expertise, research, and a proven consulting process to advise clients on pragmatic ways to align carbon and climate-related strategies with their specific beliefs, ambitions, and constraints.

Our Flagship Products

The Carbon Underground 200®

Mitigate carbon risk in portfolios and construct net zero fund products by screening out the top fossil fuel companies ranked by the carbon emissions embedded in their reserves.

Energy Transition Intelligence

Make fossil-fuel investment, divestment, or shareholder engagement decisions by evaluating how companies are positioned for the transition to a low-carbon, net zero economy.


Track and engage oil and gas companies on their efforts to measure, manage and reduce their methane emissions. Add worst actors to divestment screens.