Our Corporate Responsibility

Our World

As experienced financial service professionals, we recognize our influence the world around us. We know that the transition to renewable energy, of which we are a part, must be part of a larger movement to a more sustainable society. In the context of our corporate responsibility, this means that we must continually seek to improve our own environmental, social, governance practices, not just in the products and services we provide, but in way we operate our business.

Our Commitments

We know that as we grow, we will increasingly be in a position not just to benefit our clients and ourselves, but also to help to solve societal challenges through business innovation and collaborations. We commit to doing this by:

  • Incorporating the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact

  • Conducting research, pursuing partnerships, and offering products and services that achieve commercial success while promoting the creation of a more sustainable and equitable society.

  • Committing to non-discriminatory and inclusive hiring practices from the point of view of gender, race, age, and sexual orientation. When we hire and when we engage companies, we will go out of our way to find collaborators that bring a rich variety of expertise and life experience.

  • Donating a portion of our sales to causes that advance environmental and social causes.

We will continue to expand and refine our corporate responsibility principles as we grow, and we hope and expect that our community will engage with us and hold us to the high standards that will be needed to create a sustainable society for all of us.