Who We Are

Our History

Climate Warrior Roots

FFI Solutions was founded in 2013 under the name Fossil Free Indexes, with the firm belief that the global economy must swiftly decarbonize to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Our goal at the time was simple: to provide an easy-to-understand solution that allowed index investors access to fossil-free responsible investing. This goal led to the creation of The Carbon Underground 200, which continues to serve as a basis for portfolio and product screening for over $6 billion in assets that have transitioned away from fossil fuel investments.

Today's FFI Solutions

FFI Solutions is now a team of experienced professionals bound by a passion to align sustainability and financial performance. In late 2018, we launched a suite of systematic Energy Transition Indexes that invest in clean energy and short fossil fuels. Today, we deliver a range of research, portfolio analytics and index solutions that meet investors’ varied objectives around the challenges and opportunities associated with the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Mission and Business Principles

Our mission is to accelerate the movement of capital into responsible investment strategies that support a sustainable future and generate meaningful returns.

We work to benefit clients and the planet

If we are successful, our products and services will be impactful for clients and investors as they strive to manage risks and generate a positive impact allocating capital toward climate solutions.

We respect investor stewardship

Investors have their own unique goals and constraints. Decisions to divest, engage, manage risk, seek returns, and generate impact are those of the investor. Our role is to provide sustainability-focused solutions to align those goals and constraints.

We explore the unconventional

We believe it is essential to explore innovative methodologies in order to deliver climate-responsible and sustainability-driven solutions. Lack of satisfaction with traditional ESG analytics and indexes dictate a need for “outside-the-box” approaches.

We seek growth through partnerships

Investing in climate solutions is complex and requires broad experience and expertise. Success does not have to be a zero sum game. We actively seek to collaborate with other organizations that can help us fulfill our mission.

Our team