FFI Solutions Launches Transition Trackers to Monitor Market Response to Oil & Gas Company Transition Plans

Leaders and Laggards: New trackers assess market’s response to oil and gas company transition plans.

New York, NY – May 9, 2024 – FFI Solutions, a leading provider of energy transition research and analytics, today announced the launch of its Energy Transition Trackers. The new trackers allow investors to assess whether financial markets are valuing the transition strategies of oil and gas producers as the world shifts toward a low-carbon economy.

The Energy Transition Trackers separate the largest publicly-traded oil and gas companies into “Leaders” and “Laggards” based on proprietary metrics from FFI’s Transition Intelligence platform. The trackers then follow the relative financial performance of these two groups over time.

“The transition to clean energy is a transformational megatrend reshaping the energy industry,” said Chris Ito, CEO of FFI Solutions. “Our new Energy Transition Trackers provide a unique lens for investors to analyze whether markets are rewarding the companies taking proactive steps to realign their businesses for this low-carbon future.”

Key features of the Energy Transition Trackers include:

  • Separation of integrated oil & gas companies and exploration & production companies into “Leaders” and “Laggards” model portfolios
  • Quarterly updates tracking the relative financial performance of Leaders vs. Laggards
  • Analysis identifying trends in how transition strategies may be impacting market valuations
  • Ability for investors to incorporate transition intelligence into portfolio strategy

The Energy Transition Trackers utilize data from FFI’s Transition Intelligence platform, which offers comprehensive metrics on the 100 top global oil and gas companies across areas like climate commitments, emissions targets, oil and gas production balances, and low-carbon investments. Institutional investors can access the full platform to customize analyses based on their own criteria and portfolio needs.

The Energy Transition Trackers are now live on FFI Solutions’ website, with an inaugural commentary report analyzing the first performance results. The trackers will be updated quarterly along with new commentary reports. For more information, visit: www.ffisolutions.com/insights/energy-transition-trackers