Brent Suter: Pitching for the Planet

Chris Ito and Georges Dyer go “beyond carbon” to discuss topics relating to climate change, net zero, ESG, DEI, justice and the benefits and challenges of sustainable investing.

Beyond Carbon Podcast - Episode 4

Brent Suter: Pitching for the Planet

Chris and Georges talk climate and curve balls with major league baseball player Brent Suter. The discussion centers around how athletes can use their platform to raise awareness of environmental issues.


Brent Suter, Cincinnati Reds, Left Handed Pitcher

  • Brent Suter is starting his ninth season in major league baseball and his first for the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Brent is a left-handed relief pitcher, a self-proclaimed “tree-hugger” and board member of Players for the Planet.
  • He uses his voice and position as a professional athlete to promote sustainability in the clubhouse and in the community.
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  • Chris, Georges and Brent discuss the divisions in our society and the role athletes can play in helping bridge those divides including climate change.
  • Brent goes deep on the activities of Players for the Planet while also delving into the activities that teams and leagues can play in incorporating sustainability into their operations. He also shares his involvement with community-based programs like the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, where he spent his first 7 big-league seasons.
  • There’s a little something for everyone, including references to NIL, carbon offsets, the Bengals’ DE Sam Hubbard, and how you don’t need to throw a mid-90s heater to be an effective major league pitcher.
  • For more information regarding the activities of Players for the Planet:

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Chris Ito - Beyond Carbon - FFI Solutions
Energy Transition Solutions for Climate-aligned Investing | FFI Solutions

Chris Ito – CEO, FFI Holdings

Chris is the CEO of FFI Solutions and a member of the board of its parent company FFI Holdings. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience in the financial services and asset management industries, Chris conceived and managed the launch of FFI Energy Transition Strategies, a family of thematic strategies that provide investors with exposure to the structural shift currently occurring in the global economy. He is currently the Co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University.

Georges Dyer – Co-Founder & Executive Director, IEN

Georges Dyer is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Crane Institute of Sustainability, and leads its flagship initiative, the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN), which supports endowments in aligning investment policies with institutional mission, values, and sustainability goals. For over 20 years he has been engaged in solutions-based, whole-system approaches to sustainability. Georges serves on the Board of Change Is Simple, a non-profit bringing project-based sustainability education into classrooms in eastern Massachusetts. 

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