Will Attenborough and Leila Mimmack: Celebrity Activism Meets Climate Finance

Chris Ito and Georges Dyer go “beyond carbon” to discuss topics relating to climate change, net zero, ESG, DEI, justice and the benefits and challenges of sustainable investing.

Beyond Carbon Podcast - Episode 14

Will Attenborough and Leila Mimmack: Celebrity Activism Meets Climate Finance

In this episode, hosts Georges Dyer and Chris Ito are joined by British actors Will Attenborough and Leila Mimmack to share their journey from the world of acting to leading impactful climate campaigns, leveraging their public platforms to drive change in sustainability and finance. Despite coming from acclaimed acting families, Will and Leila bring an unassuming yet passionate approach to raising awareness on environmental issues through their creative work.


Will Attenborough – Actor and Climate Activist

Will Attenborough is a British actor renowned for stage and film roles. Inspired by Desmond Tutu’s climate justice work, he played a pivotal role in Divest London’s push for fossil fuel divestment. Will spearheaded campaigns within the acting union Equity, achieving the UK’s first fossil-free pension fund options for artists. He champions sustainable storytelling, leveraging celebrity influence to model climate solutions. With an acclaimed family legacy, Will uses his platform authentically to shift narratives and inspire urgent environmental action.

Leila Mimmack – Actor and Climate Activist

Leila Mimmack is a British stage and screen actor driving environmental causes. Alongside Will Attenborough, she catalyzed a grassroots campaign within the Equity trade union, pioneering fossil fuel divestment and greener pension investments for artists. Leila’s climate activism stems from her youth, attending rallies inspired by her teacher’s rainforest lessons. Now using her creative talents, she collaborates on projects like Equity for a Green New Deal and sustainable theatre practices. Leila harnesses storytelling to reshape society’s perspectives on pursuing an ecologically-conscious future.

Will Attenborough and Leila Mimmack: Beyond Carbon Episode 14


  • Diving into Divestment: Will and Leila recount their journeys into climate activism, starting with the Divest London campaign and efforts to push the London Pension Fund Authority away from fossil fuel investments.
  • Union Power for Change: Hear about their strategies working within the Equity trade union to pass motions, lobby leaders, and create more sustainable investment policies for artists.
  • The Struggle for Real Impact: The guests discuss the challenges of achieving meaningful change within complex pension funds and institutional inertia around sustainable investing.
  • Sustainable Storytelling: Will and Leila explore how their backgrounds as actors allow them to shift narratives and model positive climate solutions through creative projects like the “Green Rider” initiative.
  • Actors as Activists: The role of celebrity activism and harnessing the cultural influence of entertainers to inspire climate action in an authentic, relatable way.

Join Chris and George for an engaging discussion on the intersections of art, activism, and finance in driving a better environmental future.

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Chris Ito - Beyond Carbon - FFI Solutions
Energy Transition Solutions for Climate-aligned Investing | FFI Solutions

Chris Ito – CEO, FFI Holdings

Chris is the CEO of FFI Solutions and a member of the board of its parent company FFI Holdings. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience in the financial services and asset management industries, Chris conceived and managed the launch of FFI Energy Transition Strategies, a family of thematic strategies that provide investors with exposure to the structural shift currently occurring in the global economy. He is currently the Co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University.

Georges Dyer – Co-Founder & Executive Director, IEN

Georges Dyer is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Crane Institute of Sustainability, and leads its flagship initiative, the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN), which supports endowments in aligning investment policies with institutional mission, values, and sustainability goals. For over 20 years he has been engaged in solutions-based, whole-system approaches to sustainability. Georges serves on the Board of Change Is Simple, a non-profit bringing project-based sustainability education into classrooms in eastern Massachusetts. 

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