Heather Beatty: Avoided Emissions and Public Markets Climate Solutions

Chris Ito and Georges Dyer go “beyond carbon” to discuss topics relating to climate change, net zero, ESG, DEI, justice and the benefits and challenges of sustainable investing.

Beyond Carbon Podcast - Episode 13

Heather Beatty: Avoided Emissions and Public Markets Climate Solutions

Join hosts Chris Ito and Georges Dyer as they sit down with Heather Beatty, the CEO of ScopeFour Capital, for an insightful discussion on climate solutions in public equity markets. Heather Beatty shares her journey in sustainable investing, her vision for ScopeFour Capital and the importance of focusing on scalable climate solutions beyond just renewables.


Heather Beatty – CEO, ScopeFour Capital

Heather Beatty is the founder and CEO of ScopeFour Capital, an asset management firm dedicated to investing in companies that produce and scale climate solutions. With over 20 years in the institutional world, Heather is passionate about creating impactful change through strategic capital allocation. She draws inspiration from Project Drawdown and the Crane Tool to guide ScopeFour Capital’s investment approach. Previously at First Eagle, she created and co-chaired the firm’s first climate council. In addition to her climate-related contributions, Heather co-founded Women in Institutional Investments Network (WIIIN), a Los Angeles-based 501c3 as part of her commitment to the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Beyond Carbon Heather Beatty Episode 13


  • Scaling Climate Solutions: Heather explains how ScopeFour Capital focuses on investing in listed equities that are producing and scaling climate solutions.
  • Beyond Renewables: Discussion on the broader market for climate solutions, including waste management, green infrastructure, and building energy efficiency.
  • Emission Reduction Potential: Understanding how ScopeFour Capital evaluates avoided emissions and the impact of climate solutions by associating them with company revenue, R&D, and capital expenditures.
  • Global Trends and Policy Impacts: Insight into how global policy trends and the upcoming US election cycle could impact climate investments.
  • Navigating High Interest Rates: Addressing investor concerns about a persistent high interest rate environment and its effect on capital-intensive climate solutions.
  • Diversity in Asset Management: Heather discusses the significance of diversity in asset management and the progress the industry has made.

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Chris Ito - Beyond Carbon - FFI Solutions
Energy Transition Solutions for Climate-aligned Investing | FFI Solutions

Chris Ito – CEO, FFI Holdings

Chris is the CEO of FFI Solutions and a member of the board of its parent company FFI Holdings. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience in the financial services and asset management industries, Chris conceived and managed the launch of FFI Energy Transition Strategies, a family of thematic strategies that provide investors with exposure to the structural shift currently occurring in the global economy. He is currently the Co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University.

Georges Dyer – Co-Founder & Executive Director, IEN

Georges Dyer is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Crane Institute of Sustainability, and leads its flagship initiative, the Intentional Endowments Network (IEN), which supports endowments in aligning investment policies with institutional mission, values, and sustainability goals. For over 20 years he has been engaged in solutions-based, whole-system approaches to sustainability. Georges serves on the Board of Change Is Simple, a non-profit bringing project-based sustainability education into classrooms in eastern Massachusetts. 

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