Decoding 2023: Key Themes from Our Top 10 Net Zero News Reads

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In a year marked by crucial climate discussions and industry shifts, we offer our readers a snapshot of the key topics that captured your attention in 2023.

Net Zero News readers demonstrated a keen interest in broad and globally impactful themes such as climate responsibility, structural shifts in the industry, regulatory dynamics, innovation in energy solutions, and global energy trends. The top read articles suggest our readers were most interested in the tension between climate commitments made by the fossil fuel industry versus the ongoing strength of their businesses.

Accountability around empty net zero promises, offset by optimism that clean technology can disrupt the fossil fuel industry’s dominance garnered the most clicks. There is clear interest in the intersection of government policies, industry practices, and environmental impact. On the other hand, topics like carbon capture, offshore wind and mining critical minerals are notably missing from the top 10.

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Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 most read Net Zero News articles of this year:

1. Going ‘Net-Zero’ Will Boost Oil Sands Production, Industry Tells Canadian Government

Oil Sands in a Net-Zero Era – The pathways to net-zero and increased oil sands production raise eyebrows. DeSmog story here (March 10 Edition)

2. Shell, Exxon, and BP reverse on climate amid record profits

Big Oil Profits Amid Climate Concerns – Exxon, Chevron, and BP’s soaring profits illuminate the tension between fossil fuel giants’ financial gains and global climate goals. Vox story here (February 10 Edition)

3. Shale E&Ps in high-gear consolidation: Big fish seize top-tier acreage

Shale Consolidation and Top-Tier Acreage – High-speed consolidation in the shale sector showcases big players securing prime acreage, and luring investors with innovative shareholder return programs that adapt to fluctuating oil price. story here (August 25 Edition)

4. US targets oil and natural gas industry’s role in global warming with new rule on methane emissions

Biden’s Methane Strategy at COP28 – President Biden’s EPA methane regulation initiatives took center stage early in Dubai, putting methane emissions in the global cross-hairs. AP News story here (December 8 Edition)

5. Green hydrogen project is new “world’s biggest”

China’s Green Hydrogen Momentum – Chinese oil and gas giant Sinopec broke ground on a second massive hydrogen project that will be the world’s biggest producer of green hydrogen. CleanTechnica story here (March 3 Edition)

6. Industry giants bet big on sodium battery, major shift looms in energy storage tech, EVs

Sodium Batteries: A Major Energy Shift – Industry giants placing bets on sodium batteries hints at a transformative shift in energy storage technologies. Tech Times story here (December 1 Edition)

7. China’s oil & gas giant Sinopec says peak oil demand already happened in China

Sinopec’s Perspective on Peak Oil Demand – Sinopec declares peak oil demand, reflecting a noteworthy departure from traditional industry narratives. CleanTechnica story here (October 13 Edition)

8. G7 pledges to phase out coal but doesn’t say when

G7’s Coal Phase-Out Pledge – The G7’s commitment to phase out coal becomes a global focal point, emphasizing the challenges of aligning political promises with concrete timelines. Carbon Herald article here (April 21 Edition)

9. How investors voted on climate change at Big Oil AGMs

Investors’ Climate Votes at Big Oil 2023 AGMs – Shareholder support for climate resolutions at annual general meetings of oil and gas majors waned, with a significant drop off by investors voting at US-based companies. Capital Monitor story here (June 16 Edition)

10. IEA: Renewable energy will dominate global power sector growth by 2025

Renewables Overtaking Coal Power by 2025 – The International Energy Agency (IEA) makes clear that the global electricity mix is shifting away from fossil fuel generation, for good. The Verge story here (February 10 Edition)

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