FFI Solutions is a climate-focused research, analytics and advisory firm that delivers custom solutions to facilitate sustainable investment, ESG, and Net Zero strategies.

Our solutions enable asset owners, advisors and asset managers to deploy the investment, divestment, offset, and engagement approaches that meet their unique objectives and constraints.

Data, Research and Analytics

Our in-depth Carbon Underground data, research and analytics solutions provide critical inputs and a foundation for developing sustainable investment products and broader ESG integration approaches. From avoiding exposure to fossil fuels to assessing the transition readiness of energy companies, and custom carbon research, we provide the insights required to develop and pursue Net Zero investing objectives.

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Portfolio Decarbonization

Our range of portfolio decarbonization solutions enable targeted implementation of fossil fuel free mandates, climate-aligned portfolios and sustainable purpose-driven strategies. We offer services and investment operations expertise for turnkey exclusionary screening, fossil fuel free fund certification, carbon footprint analyses, offset program design, and development of strategies and indexes.

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Net Zero Advisory

Our Net Zero advisory services help institutional investors through the complex task of designing and implementing an investment strategy that aligns the “how” with their unique “why” in a way that incorporates stakeholder perspectives. We leverage our expertise and carbon research to advise clients on pragmatic ways to align carbon and climate-related investment strategies and approaches with their specific beliefs, ambitions, and operating constraints.

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We leverage our investment expertise, research, and a proven consulting process to advise clients on pragmatic ways to align carbon and climate-related strategies with their specific beliefs, ambitions, and constraints.

Our Flagship Products

The Carbon Underground 200TM

Mitigate carbon risk in portfolios and construct net zero fund products by screening out the top fossil fuel companies ranked by the carbon emissions embedded in their reserves.

Transition DataSet

Make fossil-fuel investment, divestment, or shareholder engagement decisions by evaluating how companies are positioned for the transition to a low-carbon, net zero economy.

FFI Energy Transition US Index

Capture the potential upside of the transition to a low-carbon economy through this rules-based net zero index that is long clean energy companies and short fossil fuel reserve owners.

Perspectives and Media

Latest Insights

  • ESG Investing, Climate and the ‘Widening Gyre’

    First off, let me say that I’m only an occasional reader of Epsilon Theory (ET), a website launched almost 10 years ago by investment manager Ben Hunt. ET provides newsletters with commentaries on finance, markets, politics, and popular culture. In their writings, Hunt and his colleagues refer frequently to the concept of the “Widening Gyre”.

    March 13, 2023
  • Managing Expectations: Our Take on COP27

    Nearly seven years on from the historic Paris Climate Accords, COP27 made clear that these annual meetings convened by intergovernmental organizations appear unlikely to play a significant role in limiting global temperature rise to below 1.5°C.   To be fair, the conference in Egypt built consensus on some key issues – the landmark deal on

    November 23, 2022

Latest Press

  • FFI Solutions Launches Net Zero Transition DataSet

    New service offers critical data for portfolio decarbonization and shareholder engagement strategies FFI Solutions, a leading provider of climate-aligned data, analytics, and advisory services, today announced the launch of their Net Zero Transition DataSet. This new data service enables investors and asset managers to evaluate how fossil-fuel companies are positioned for the transition to a

    January 6, 2022
  • Fossil Free Indexes (FFI) Rebrands to FFI Solutions to Reflect Expanded Focus on Sustainable Investing

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Firm builds on its climate-focused environmental capabilities with new product offerings, including ESG- and impact investing-related solutions NEW YORK, NY— January 13, 2021: Fossil Free Indexes (FFI), a firm committed to climate-aligned investing, has rebranded to FFI Solutions to better reflect the company’s expanded product and service offerings for market participants intending

    January 13, 2021