Navigating the Shift from Fossil Fuels

Watching the webinar recording

Navigating the Shift from Fossil Fuels:

Capital Realignment for the Energy Transition

COP28 signaled global acknowledgement that the world’s economies must transition away from fossil fuels. Join FFI Solutions for a timely, thought-provoking webinar on reshaping financial strategies amidst the energy transition.


Chris Ito – CEO, FFI Holdings
Bruce Usher – Professor, Columbia Business School and Columbia Climate School
David Root – Head of Client Engagement, FFI Solutions

Who Should Watch:

  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Pension Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Advisors
  • OCIOs

What to Expect:

  • Discussion: Chris Ito, CEO of FFI Holdings and former portfolio manager of the Energy Transition Long-Short Strategy, talks with Bruce Usher, Columbia University Professor in the Business and Climate schools and author of the book, Investing in the Era of Climate Change. The session delves into challenges and opportunities resulting from the inevitable shift away from a fossil fuel-driven economy.
  • Demonstration: We introduces a new transition intelligence platform to help investors make more informed capital allocation decisions regarding traditional energy companies. This analytic tool enables investors to customize how they analyze fossil fuel producers’ plans and actions to align their businesses with a low-carbon economy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives and analytical insights for aligning capital with a low-carbon economy.