Portfolio Carbon Diagnostics

Our portfolio diagnostics provide a clear view of carbon exposures, highlight potential ESG controversies, and backtest the performance impact of fossil fuel divestment so that investors and asset managers can assess strategies for transitioning to more sustainable investments.

Evaluation and Backtesting

FFI Solutions offers portfolio diagnostics to provide investors with the meaningful analysis needed to fully understand their carbon exposures. Our solutions are based on an analysis of holdings that overlap with our The Carbon Underground 200 (CU200) list, which is recognized as an industry standard for fossil-free investing.

Our diagnostics offering includes a portfolio level analysis of current reserves-based carbon emissions as well as an ESG profile. For a more comprehensive examination, we offer detailed diagnostics that provide in-depth carbon analyses at the individual holdings level. Based on these findings, investors can use our backtesting capabilities to measure the divestment impact of excluding companies on the CU200.

Summary Snapshot

  • CU200 exposure
  • Heavy carbon exposure
  • Stranded asset exposure
  • ESG highlights

Detailed Diagnostic

  • In-depth carbon analysis at holdings level
  • Insights on climate impact and sustainability of portfolio
  • ESG and clean energy transition paths


  • Portfolio backtest measures the impact of excluding the CU200
  • Divestment impact on performance metrics
  • Understand behavior during different key historical periods

Portfolio Level

Carbon Underground 200 Exposure

GhG & Financed Emissions

Clean Energy Exposure


Company Level

Company Exposure

Top Financed GhG Emissions

Top Clean Energy Holdings 

ESG & Controversies Overview

Portfolio Backtest

Backtest Excluding CU200

Performance & Risk Analysis

Historical Stress Tests

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