Energy Transition Long-Short US Index

Market Shift from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy

The Energy Transition Long-Short Equity Index US (ETLS US) is a rules-based alternative index strategy designed to benchmark and capture the potential upside of a transition to a low-carbon economy. This thematic, long-term index offers investors exposure to a universe of US listed clean-energy and fossil-fuel companies. ETLS US is long US clean energy, advanced transportation, and smart grid companies and short US reserve-owning fossil fuel companies.

Energy Transition Long-Short US


Constituents include public companies, whose products and services aim to accelerate the clean-energy transition and reduce the physical, economic, and social risks associated with climate change.


The index goes beyond divestment, shorting companies whose products generate CO2 emissions, which are a main factor contributor to climate change to stranded asset risk.


An alternative index strategy designed to capture long-term return generation from the energy transition.

Q4 2021
Total Returns
Since Inception3 MonthsYear to Date12 Months3 Years5 Years
ETLS US290.69%1.94%-28.18%-28.18%87.97%186.08%
S&P 500 Energy-6.67%7.97%54.64%54.64%14.68%-7.02%
Net Market Cap
Net Sector
  • Long company selection:  The Clean Edge universe of U.S.-listed clean energy, advanced transportation, and smart grid and grid infrastructure companies using fundamental quality factors.
  • Short company selection: U.S.-listed companies from FFI Solution’s Carbon Underground 200™ (CU200), a list of global publicly traded companies ranked by potential CO2 emissions embedded in their reported oil, gas, and coal reserves. Positions selected and weighted based on a combination of fundamental and carbon-related factors that indicate the degree to which fossil fuel companies are exposed to the risk of stranded assets.
  • Long and short components: Adjusted dynamically using proprietary factors from Alpha Vee that measure quality, value and momentum of the component issuers. The net long exposure ranges from 40% to 100% with the short position comprising either 20% or 30% depending on the momentum indicator.
  • Reconstitution: Semi-annually
  • Rebalancing: Semi-annually

Portfolio StructureLongShort
Number of Stocks4020
Min Market Cap$75 Million$1 Billion
Min Avg Daily Volume$1 Million$1 Million

Net Exposure Range40% to 100% Net Long
Gross Exposure Range100% to 160%
BenchmarkS&P 500 Energy Total Return

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