Our focus on solutions across the sustainable investing spectrum allows us to fast-track the research, design, and development of custom index products that help asset managers and investors meet the market demand for climate-aligned benchmarks and ESG products.

Collaborative Index Design

From seed idea to index production, we leverage our research, data, and technology to tailor sustainable index products. Our collaborative process-driven framework assures investors and asset managers of an efficient and effective development process in achieving their strategic objectives.

  • Set Strategic Objectives

  • Design and Approach Ideation

  • Define Initial Universe for Index / Product

  • Define Screens, ESG and Performance Parameters

  • Build, Backtest, Compare, Iterate and Refine

  • Final Index / Product Development

ESG, Climate and Sustainability Expertise

We apply our expertise to incorporating exclusionary screens including The Carbon Underground 200, key environmental criteria, as well as critical concerns around socially responsible factors that the marketplace is increasingly demanding. Our index strategies are driven by proprietary rules-based, factor-driven approaches to product construction. We deploy advanced technology, ESG big data, thematic index building and proprietary short position modeling to ensure state-of-the-art solutions.

Thematic Indexes

  • Customized themes – combining geography, financial performance, sector, sustainability, etc.
  • New themes combining short and long-term performance
  • Long-short absolute return strategies

Smart Beta Indexes

  • Alternative ESG-based weighting methods
  • Caps on sectors weights and constituents’ weights
  • A.I. developed weighting factors

Energy Transition Indexes

FFI Solution - Energy Transition Indexes

Addressing the global structural shift from an economy powered by fossil fuels to one powered by clean energy, we pioneered the FFI Energy Transition Long-Short-US (ETLS-US) index designed to capture the potential upside of the transition to a low-carbon economy.