Our ESG expertise coupled with cutting-edge technology solutions provide the clarity asset managers and investors need to make informed investment decisions as they transition to more sustainable, ESG and impact-focused portfolios.

Custom Portfolio Calibration

FFI Solutions allows asset owners and asset managers to explore, evaluate, and recalibrate their current holdings so that they may construct more sustainable portfolios. Through our custom portfolio calibration service and robust cloud-enabled analytics platform, investors can run flexible, iterative backtesting, scenario analyses, and stress testing to measure performance across broad financial and ESG components. Together, our analytics and portfolio comparisons provide investors with the tools to more effectively make investment decisions and communicate changes in portfolio allocations.

Collaborative Interactive Analytics

  • Current Portfolio

    Clarify Transition Objectives

    • Exclude certain sectors
    • Integrate ESG factors
    • Support climate resiliency
    • Create impact
    • Align with UN SDGs
    • Set performance benchmarks

  • Robust Analytics Platform

    Explore & Evaluate

    • Flexible iterative backtesting
    • Scenario analysis and stress testing
    • 10,000+ global companies
    • 450+ ESG metrics
    • 160+ Smart beta factors
    • 600+ Portfolio construction algorithms

  • Sustainable Portfolio


    • Socially responsible
    • Climate resilient
    • Values aligned
    • Positive impact
    • Position for Performance