Data, Research and Analytics

Our in-depth energy sector-focused research, rankings and analytics provide critical inputs and insights into sustainable investment products, purpose-driven strategies, and broader ESG integration approaches.

Robust Fossil Fuel Data and Research

From The Carbon Underground 200TM to The Carbon Underground Transition DataSet, our carbon, data, rankings and metrics provide investors with critical tools for measuring and screening investment exposures to fossil fuels. For asset managers, they serve as a benchmarks for creating and designing sustainable investment products.


Target coal, oil and gas companies for exclusion based on emissions and/or the risk of stranded assets.


Engage corporate boards and issuers on climate and stranded assets risks in their operations and financials.


Measure and monitor fossil fuel exposure and financed emissions in investment portfolios, benchmarks, and products.


Enhance ESG integration and ratings processes.


Track and report compliance mandates as stipulated by institutional investors. Fulfill stakeholder requirements.


Create custom indexes and financial products aligned with investors’ climate change objectives and mandates.

Keep it Underground

Fossil Fuel Reserves Research

Our proprietary Carbon Underground research provides comprehensive coverage on more than 500 global publicly-traded coal, oil and gas fossil fuel reserves owners. We capture reserves, production and financial data to calculate emissions and determine rankings.

FFI Solutions - Carbon Underground Fossil Fuel Reserves Research

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Toward Net Zero

FFI Solutions - Carbon Underground Transition Research DataSet

Fossil Fuel Transition Research

Extending beyond fossil fuel reserves data, our Carbon Underground Transition Research provides data and key metrics that help determine which fossil fuel companies are taking part in the energy transition.

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Align with Investors and Stakeholders

Custom Research

We leverage deep market expertise and research capabilities to deliver targeted fossil fuel and customized screening solutions for investors and asset managers as they transition portfolios and products to more sustainable investments.

FFI Solutions - Carbon Underground Custom Research