Sustainable Research, Analytics & Index Solutions

We deliver climate-aligned solutions that help investors and asset managers transition to more sustainable investments.

Research and Screening

We leverage deep market insights and research capabilities to deliver targeted fossil fuel and customized ESG-based screening solutions for investors and asset managers as they transition portfolios and products to more sustainable investments.

Divest portfolios

Create custom screened products

Align investments with stakeholder values

FFI Solutions - Research and Screening
FFI Solutions Carbon Portfolio Diagnostics

Portfolio Carbon Diagnostics

Our carbon diagnostics give a clear view of portfolio exposure to The Carbon Underground 200 (CU200), in-depth carbon analysis and insights on climate impact and sustainability profile. Backtesting measures performance ex-CU200.

Understand carbon exposure

Identify stranded asset risk

Quantify impact of divesting

ESG & Impact Integration

Whether you are seeking to align your investments with stakeholder values, apply ESG criteria to your portfolios or looking to generate alpha, our extensive data and technology-enabled portfolio calibration services simplify the decision-making process.

Assess screening, ESG and Impact objectives

Evaluate custom what-if scenarios

Transition to more sustainable portfolios

ffi solutions esg impact
FFI Solutions Custom Index Design

Index & Product Design

Our expertise is in deriving actionable information from market data, research and best-in-class index construction technology. We create unique factors by combining carbon and ESG data with alpha-focused financial metrics that can be incorporated into a systematic portfolio construction framework.

Fast-track custom ESG Index design

Optimize impact and performance profiles

Develop products to meet investor demand