The Long and the Short of Carbon Accounting

To download this piece, click here. The meaning of “net zero” for investors is still evolving, and while there are no generally accepted standards, frameworks are emerging to help guide investors. The Net-Zero Asset Owner’s Alliance[1],  The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC)[2] and The Investor Agenda[3] provide frameworks for investors to achieve net-zero portfolios. While those

Net-Zero Portfolios: 10 Frequently-Asked Questions

In Brief Over the past year, we have had many in-depth discussions with a wide range of institutional investors and other stakeholders about transitioning to more sustainable investment portfolios. As the interest and adoption of sustainable investing continues to grow, so too has the focus on climate change and the quest for achieving global net-zero

The Role of Investors in the Race to Net Zero

What net zero exactly means for investors is still evolving. As an organization, FFI believes that net zero is more of a philosophy than a standard.