FFI Solutions’ Energy Transition Long Short US Index Named Finalist in the SMArtX Best Direct Index Strategy Category

FFI Solutions is honored to have our Energy Transition Long Short US Index (ETLS-US) named as a finalist among the Best Overall Direct Index Strategies on the SMArtX Advisory platform. The announcement was made during the inaugural SMArtX 2021 Virtual Awards on February 11, 2021.

Energy Transition Long Short US, a thematic rules-based investment strategy, was launched as a model portfolio on SMArtX in February 2019. Designed to capture returns associated with the technological, economic, and demographic trends that favor clean energy over fossil fuels, the model portfolio is long clean-energy, advanced transportation, and grid-related companies. Short positions are selected from The Carbon Underground 200TM, FFI Solutions’ exclusionary list of the top global, publicly-owned coal, oil, and gas companies ranked by the potential carbon emissions embedded in their reserves.

Available to RIAs through SMArtX, the Energy Transition Long Short US Index reported strong 2020 results and was ranked as the top long/short index strategy, the second highest performing SRI/ESG index, and the fifth overall performing model out of all 715 models on the SMArtX platform.

FFI Solutions licenses the ETLS-US index strategy for custom institutional portfolios and mandates, index-linked mutual funds, ETFs, as well as for investment benchmarks.

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